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Want to play Dragons mmo? Read this

Ok we have a deal for you. We know a lot of you want to play Dragons MMO, we have just been focused on making Switchin MMO the best game out there. Here is the deal, if we can get 3000 Facebook Fans for Dragons MMO, we will finish the work we started. According to Google there are over 10,000 people searching for Dragons MMO a month. Join us on Facebook and let's make this happen. Tell your friends, post links on your favorite blogs/forums and generally help us know that a lot of you want to play this great game. Also post your ideas on what you would like to see added to Dragons MMO!

Dragons MMO On Hold

Hey all, our apologies about the lack of updates recently but we have been extremely busy on working on Switchin MMO. Unfortunately we have had to postpone development on Dragons MMO until we can finish the current updates to Switchin MMO. We would love to of released Dragons MMO sooner but the reality is we are only a small company and can't complete two major projects at once. We still plan on releasing Dragons MMO but for the foreseeable future Dragons MMO is on hold until later.

Dragons MMO Trailer

Here is a teaser trailer of Dragons MMO that we have been working on lately. If you like the link and Dragons MMO, please share this Youtube video with all your friends!

User Dragon Caves

I apologize for the lack of updates recently. We have been busy on the game and also working on a video trailer for Dragons. Hopefully this update will excite you about what is coming next for Dragons MMO. Here is a screenshot of a customizable Dragon Cave. You will be able to change the style and look of these caves and customize them however you want. More information about your own personal Dragon Cave will be coming in further updates.

Fully Grown Dragon screenshot

Here is our update for today- the fully grown adult dragon. We hope you like it and keep coming back to check out our progress at Dragons mmo.

Cloudspire screenshot

We are releasing a new peice of game art every monday until the release of our game. Here is our update for today- a brand new image of one of the levels - Cloudspire. We hope you enjoy it and are excited about the development of Dragons MMO.

Dragons mmo wins the vote!

Welcome to the launch of Dragons MMO! As you, the great fans of voted for, here is the begining of our next 3d multiplayer game! We will post updates, news and screenshots as we develop the game. Right now we are aiming for a beta launch of Dragons MMO sometime in Spring of 2009. We want to take our time and make sure we make the best dragon MMO out there!

In the meantime, here is something to get you excited about Dragons MMO! A screenshot of the young hatchling dragon!